Bursa Taxi Fares for Popular Destinations

You can find some taxi cab fare estimations for popular destinations of Bursa below. The prices are calculated and shared by other travelers in the recent past. Up-to-date (2019) taximeter opening fee is 4.5 TRY for Bursa and it increases 3.7 TRY/per km.

Departure Destination Taxi fare Distance Travel time
Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal
Yeni Yalova Yolu 8. km 16245 Alaşarköy Mahallesi, Osmangazi Bursa
Akpınar Caddesi
Akpınar Cd. 16110 Odunluk Mahallesi, Nilüfer Bursa

36.95 TRY

November 2017

12.52 km

22 minutes

Marigold Thermal & SPA Hotel
16050 Çekirge Mahallesi, Osmangazi Bursa
16340 Piremir Mahallesi, Yıldırım Bursa

29.85 TRY

August 2017

9.90 km

22 minutes

How much does a taxi ride cost in Bursa? You can easily estimate it using the taxi fare calculation tool.

Bursa taxi fare calculator