How taxi cab fare calculator works is a free and up-to-date taxi cab fare estimation and route planning tool for metropolitan areas of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya. It finds the shortest transportation route between two locations, calculates distance, estimates how much your taxi cab fare will cost and draws routing directions on the map. Also suggests names and phone numbers of the nearby taxi stands if available.

Taxi price estimation tool aims to finds shortest path between departure and destination points. It extensively utilizes different API's of the Mapbox™ services to achieve this. For example, if there are alternative routes exists to arrive same destination, the calculator allows you to toggle between them while re-calculating taxi fare, distance and journey time.

Is the taxi fares up-to-date?

Always. We are regularly updating our database when taxi prices are changed in any city. aims to become a reliable and consistent application for travelers in country wide.

What about traffic?

The calculator always assumes that there is normal and reasonable traffic contitions on the roads. Taxi fare calculation results and actual fares may vary depending on density of traffic. You may want to use public transportation if there is a significant traffic density exists in your city.

How much does a taxi cost in Turkey?

You can easily estimate cost of a taxi ride on the city map before getting in the cab. Click on a city name to calculate taxi price in Turkey.

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