Taxi Stands in Basaksehir, Istanbul

There are total of 5 taxi stands in Basaksehir, Istanbul. Please click on the stand name to see details.

Taxi stand name Address Phone numbers
Basaksehir Bizim Taxi Başak Mah. Yeşil Vadi Bulvarı Deprem Konutları No: 1 Başakşehir 0 212 4880510
Basaksehir Deposite Taxi Bankalar Cad. Deposite AVM OSB Başakşehir 0 212 6712008
Basaksehir Organize Sanayi Taxi Atatürk Bulvarı Organize Sanayi Sitesi İçi Başakşehir 0 212 6716100
Basaksehir Taxi İstiklal Cad. İskenderpaşa Sok. No: 1 Başakşehir 0 212 4851634
Basaksehir Vadi Taxi Başak Mah. Ali Soylu Bulvarı Vadi Center Karşısı Başakşehir 0 212 4875091
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