Taxi Stands in Gungoren, Istanbul

There are total of 8 taxi stands in Gungoren, Istanbul. Please click on the stand name to see details.

Taxi stand name Address Phone numbers
Akasya Taxi Merkez Mah. Asalet Cad. No: 2 Güngören 0 212 6438585
Alperenler Taxi Fatih Cad. Neşe Sok. Merter, Güngören 0 212 6376069
Gunes Hotel Taxi Nadide Cad. Günay Sok. No: 4 Merter, Güngören 0 212 4831111
Gungoren Hedef Taxi Güven Mah. Erguvan Sok. No: 20 Güngören 0 212 5047223
Gungoren Merkez Taxi Güneştepe Mah. Çalışkan Sk.. No: 1 Güngören 0 212 4363838
Merter Ozmen Taxi Nesih Özmen Mah. Nadide Sok. Merter, Güngören 0 212 4830635
Ozmen Taxi Nezihi Özmen Mah. Nadida Cad. Barış Sok. Merter Güngören 0 212 4830634
0 212 4830891
Oz Tozkoparan Taxi Cevat Açıkalın Cad. No: 16 Tozkoparan, Güngören 0 212 4811577
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