Current taxi tariffs by cities in Turkey (October 2016)

How much are the taxi tariffs after the latest hikes? How much is the opening fee and charge per kilometer in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya and other cities in Turkey? You can find details of the current list of taxi fares that we updated in 2016 October.

The travellers are always trying to find an answer about how much would it cost before they prefer to take a taxi for transportation especially if its first time in the city, hotel, airport etc.. The taxi fees in Turkey is varies for each city. We have researched the subject and prepare an updated list for you.

How often the taxi fares are updating?

The cab fares are changing in metropolitans in Turkey according to economical reasons like inflation, food and transportation fees. The prices are often updated within 2 or 4 years after the meetings between The Assocaiotion of Commercial Taxi Drivers, The Drivers and Vehicle Assocaiotion and Metropolitan Municipality.

Taxi Fares in Istanbul and Ankara

Istanbul and Ankara are two major cities where the number of taxis are the busiest by the population. The latest update for the taxi fees were made at 25 August 2016 after the meeting between the related parties. In Istanbul the opening fee is 3.45 TRY (old pricing was 3.20 TRY) and the charge per kilometer is 2.10 TRY (the old fee was 2.00 TRY). 5% percent raising were made after the meeting between related parties and unlike the Istanbul Assocaiotion of Commercial Taxi Drivers' expection the raise was 5% but not 15%.

The latest taxi price raise in Ankara were made in November 2014. The taximeter opening fee raised from 3.20 TRY to 3.45 TRY and charge per kilometer was increased from 2.40 TRY to 2.75 TRY. New tariffs were announced by Ankara Taxi Drivers Association on.

Other Cities

Taxis are considered important transfer tool in Izmir & Mugla in Aegean Region and Antalya in the Meditterannean Region in spite of the number of taxis are lower than Istanbul and Ankara. The prices may vary beacuse of seasonal factor.

Current Taxi Tariffs

You may find the current taxi tariffs with opening fees as of October 2016 in the table below which summarize the pricings in some major cities.

City Number of taxis1 Previous Tariff New Tariff Raise Rate & Date
Istanbul 17.400 Opening fee 3.20 TRY
Charge 2.00 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.45 TRY
Charge 2.10 TRY/km
Agu 2016
Ankara 8.000 Opening fee 2.70 TRY
Charge 2.40 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.10 TRY
Charge 2.70 TRY/km
Nov 2014
Izmir 8.000 Opening fee 2.50 TRY
Charge 2.25 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.00 TRY
Charge 2.45 TRY/km
Oct 2015
Antalya 4.000 Opening fee 2.30 TRY
Charge 2.50 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.00 TRY
Charge 2.60 TRY/km
Jan 2016
Bursa 1.000 Opening fee 2.90 TRY
Charge 2.50 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.10 TRY
Charge 2.70 TRY/km
Jan 2016
Mugla - Opening fee 3.70 TRY
Charge 4.30 TRY/km
Opening fee 4.00 TRY
Charge 4.50 TRY/km
Apr 2013
Eskisehir - Opening fee 2.50 TRY
Charge 2.50 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.00 TRY
Charge 3.00 TRY/km
May 2013
Adana 3000 Opening fee 2.00 TRY
Charge 2.20 TRY/km
Opening fee 3.00 TRY
Charge 3.00 TRY/km
Feb 2013

  1. <p><em>Estimated number of taxis are actual figures declared by Assocaiotion of Commercial Taxi Drivers</em> &#160;<a href="#fnref1:*" rev="footnote" class="footnote-backref">&#8617;</a></p>
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